Geeky software developer, prolific knitter, avid allotmenteer, health seeker, 日本語 speaker.

Solutions Architect at Deeson

@maccath |

Development Experience

I have been programming for well over 10 years, with 7+ years commercial experience as a web developer using object oriented PHP and JavaScript frameworks on an extensive variety of projects. I currently work as a solutions architect at Deeson.

I am heavily involved in the developer community; a regular attendee at conferences and user groups (especially PHP Berkshire). I leave feedback on I have an interest in diversity in tech and am a PHP Women supporter.

Hobbies & Interests


I believe in sustainability. I am dedicated to becoming as self-sufficient as possible. I create my own clothes as I am a proficient hand-knitter (you can find me on Ravelry). I also have an allotment garden which provides me with almost all of my fresh produce.

Japan / Japanese

I have studied the Japanese language for ~9 years and visited Japan 4 times. I consider myself to be of intermediate level proficiency. I am also a student of Genbukan Ninpo - a Japanese martial art incorporating taijutsu and weapons techniques.